Mango Salsa and plant-based eating update

mango salsa
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Hello!! It’s been a while!  I wanted to do a mini update on how it’s going eating plant-based.  Or vegan if you will.  I’m going into my fifth month now and so far so good.  I have a few things that I’m still working on though, but, I don’t miss meat at all!  I also […]

Vegan must haves in the pantry

Vegan must haves in the pantry | Refreshed and Fit

I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t able to buy bananas, avocados, and black beans anymore!  Now that I’ve been eating a plant-based diet, for a full two months, I’m starting to really see a bit of repetition (wink, wink).  These are my top ten vegan must haves in the pantry right now.  […]

My favourites edition four

Kevyn Aucoin palette open

It’s not even mid February yet and the weather is so mild here in the burbs of Vancouver.  My yard is in dire need of some maintenance!  I know Keith is moaning at the thought of all the yard work.  He literally is!  I’m seeing little green buds on my trees and shrubs.  My huge […]

My Simplified Planner for 2016

Simplified planner 2016

I’ve been home sick for a few days now.  I’ve got a cough that won’t quit.  So, it’s pretty impossible for me to be at work right now.  First of all no one appreciates someone coming in under the weather and spreading the love!  And secondly my type of work doesn’t have down time, sometimes […]

plant-based diet going all out

Veggie burger

I’m sitting here wondering where the month of January has gone.  I have my first cold of the year and the first cold in a long, long time.  It’s not even that bad, just this nagging cough that starts up at the most inopportune times, like when I’m trying to sleep!  As the new year […]

Silent killer

fresh start 2016|refreshed and fit

Silent killer!  I know that doesn’t sound like much of a New Year’s fresh start… let me explain.  It all ties in with good health.  My health issue that I basically ignored came to a head at the end of 2015.  It’s hard for me to accept the fact that I’m living with hypertension and […]