Spontaneous getaway to Naramata

We just had a fairly spontaneous getaway for the weekend.  I say “fairly” spontaneous, because we planned it two days before the weekend, and I’m using “we” loosely here!  I did none of the planning!  My husband and his friend planned the trip, booked the rooms, planned the route we’d take, and made dinner reservations.  That’s really becoming the theme with our travels whether close to home or farther away, the guys plan the whole thing, and us wives get to go along and have fun.  I must say I’m loving this!

Weekend road trip to Naramata

We had a great ride up to Naramata on the motorcycle, of  course.  Keith’s trying to squeeze every ride out of summer before the weather turns wet and ugly.  I have to admit I love going out on these local road trips too!  Beautiful, sunny weather is the best time to be on the back of a Harley and have a spontaneous getaway :)

Naramata Inn

So being spontaneous is great, but, sometimes you have to be able to go with the flow.  Turns out this weekend was the Penticton triathlon, so, there were no rooms to be had at the beautiful Naramata Inn.  Instead we stayed in the little motel that the same owners bought and renovated recently. 

Naramata Inn Motel

The motel was cute, clean, and brightly coloured.  We can’t complain because we were being spontaneous!  We did however have a beautiful dinner at the Naramata Inn and drank some delicious local wine.  Plus we also had complimentary breakfast at the Inn the next morning and I must say the dinner and the breakfast was amazing!

Beautiful view of Okanagan Lake

We spent some time walking around the next morning before riding home.  Keith can be such a goof… he wanted to show off just the right angle of his leg in the picture too.  He cracks me up :)

Naramata wine country

Our ride home wasn’t as great as the ride there.  We got soaked in a few rain showers and in some spots it was cold, but, we had such a fun time that it was a small price to pay. 

I’m still recuperating from the burns to my right hand from the crazy, sweet potato explosion, but, it’s minor to the news we heard when we arrived home yesterday evening!!  We found out that a dad of one of the boys on my son’s hockey team, from a few years back, died a week ago of cancer.  I didn’t know him well, but, I knew his wife because we would always sit together watching the boys play.  I’m heart-broken for them.  They have three beautiful boys and they were such a close knit family.  This was unexpected horrible news.  Then my daughter tells me her boyfriends lacrosse teammate died on the weekend also  in a horrible car crash.  He must have been all of eighteen years old. 

Life is so fleeting and unpredictable. 

I want to go crazy and become very overprotective of everyone around me, but, really I think we just need to enjoy life in a healthy way and take time to enjoy and appreciate everyone in our lives.

On that note.  Have a healthy and safe week!

What kinds of things do you do at a moments notice?


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Exploding sweet potato plus cleanse update

Just a quick update on how my five-day cleanse is going.

I started my cleanse on Wednesday morning, so, this morning I have been on the cleanse for two complete days.  I call it a cleanse, but, all I’m really doing is eating really healthy, clean, and vegan for a few days.  I find that it really helps me get my sugar craving under control and helps get my “innards” working properly if you know what I mean :)

I’ve been eating my oatmeal every morning and it happens to be Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats at this time, and of course I add in my banana, chia seeds, and my vanilla almond milk.  I love starting the day with this and my coffee.  Wednesday I had a dollop of almond butter added to it and then as I was eating it, watching the news, I learned about the almond butter recall!  We go through bucket loads of almond butter with my husband, my son, and I!  So, off I trudged to our local grocery store to find a brand that wasn’t connected to this recall.  And thankfully I found one, but, it costs way more than the one I usually buy from Costco.

Snacks I eat on my cleanse

Besides the oatmeal, I’ve been eating unsalted assorted nuts, as an in-between meal snack, an assortment of fruit, assorted green salads, pickled beets ( my indulgence… because I love beets), and various veggies grilled on the barbeque including tiny, little, new, potatoes (love these too), and then the SWEET POTATO!

Warning: below I will be posting a picture of my hand that you may not want to see, because, it’s the aftermath of the sweet potato explosion.

Wednesday I was in my usual rush to get dinner done and get ready for my night shift which starts at seven.  I had just barbequed a whole lot of chicken drumsticks and put my sweet potatoes on the grill to bake, on the top rack I might add!  While they were baking I prepped my other vegetables to be ready to go on for a few minutes after the sweet potato.  I went to the grill and with my hand started to roll one of the sweet potatoes over.  I know really, really stupid!  I had barely touched the damn thing and it exploded like a bomb into my right hand.  Burning sweet potato was everywhere!  I felt some spray my face, some landed on my pants and was burning through to my thigh, I felt a piece land on top of my right foot, but, the worst of it was on the palm of my right hand.  I was running to my door to get into the kitchen, and I’m sure, screaming like a banshee, while trying to shake off the skin of the potato from my hand.  I made it to my sink and had the water running over my hand in no time, but, I knew right away it was going to be bad. 

Sweet potato on barbeque exploded

But, I never knew how bad it was going to be… it’s Friday morning now and I’m still in pain.  I can hardly use my right hand.  Any movement that stretches the skin on the palm of my hand is excruciating. 

Bandaged hand

I called work right away and I felt horrible.  It’s impossible to cover sick calls in the summer with plenty of warning, never mind two hours before the shift is supposed to start.  But, I knew there was no way I could work.  I spent the night with my hand on a cool gel pack, I even drank a light beer!  I would have had wine, but, I didn’t have any at home that I could drink (that’s another story).  My son picked up a care pack my friends at work had readied for me… thank goodness!

Second degree burn on hand

I’ve baked potatoes of all sorts on the barbeque before, so, I’m not sure what happened.  I poke holes into potatoes when I microwave them, but, not usually when I bake them.  Keith says you always have to poke holes in them!  He is mister safety after all, so, I should listen to him!

This burn has been horribly painful.  I’ve been taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen on a regular basis since this happened for pain control and it may have taken at bit of the edge off and I mean tiny bit!

We had planned to go to Naramata on Saturday and stay overnight on a motorcycle road trip with our friends.  I’m still planning on going!  I can’t let this stop me!  There’s only a little bit of summer left!  Plus, I’m still eating healthy and clean at least for the rest of this day, and, I”ll see what happens tomorrow. 

 Be careful baking yams and sweet potatoes on the barbeque!

Has this ever happened to you???

Talk to you soon,




My five day cleanse

This morning I started one of my mini cleanses!

I do these occasionally when I feel like I’ve really been overeating all the wrong foods and my clothes start to feel tight around the waist.  With Keith’s birthday last weekend and the obligatory birthday cake and other sweets… I’ve really been on a huge sugar craving spree.  Plus I came home from work  yesterday and wanted to demolish the rest of a chicken fajita pizza that was in the fridge! My son had ordered pizza for his dinner.  His pizza is actually not too unhealthy because he orders his with no dairy or soy (he has food allergies).  His pizza is basically some tomato sauce, few meats and vegetables.  He ordered the other temptation for his sister!

But, back to the cleanse.  I’ve done cleanses for a few years now.  For me it’s a way to detox and give my liver a break for a few days.  My liver needs a break from all its hard work of being THE filter for my body.  Today I started a mini cleanse, just a little break from all the crap I eat.  I’ve been on longer three-week cleanses a few times, the first one was several years ago under the direction of my natural medicine doctor.  I did that cleanse to find out if I had any food intolerance… which I discovered I had none.  When I did the food elimination cleanse it was basically a twenty-one day cleanse in which you eliminate all foods that are known to cause sensitivities in some people.  When the cleanse is completed you slowly start reintroducing foods and evaluate if any reaction occurs.  Kind of what you do when you introduce foods to a baby for the first time.  Now I do shorter cleanses several times a year!

I just finished working two twelve-hour days and I didn’t plan meals very well for work, so, I was just grabbing anything I could in the morning to bring with me or I’d buy something in the hospital cafeteria.  My downfall is bread.  I love  toast, I love sandwiches, and I love to eat plain bread.  Bread is easy and I tend to always bring it with me to work to toast.  I do okay without sweets, but, once I start eating sugar I crave more and more.  I guess that’s why they say sugar is addictive. 

I don’t weigh myself, but, I can see the bulge around my waist, so, last night I vowed to do a five-day cleanse (after eating several slices of that pizza).  I’m not all that prepared, but, I can wing it.  We have enough vegetable in the fridge for me to get by to get started.  I’m not the kind of person that has to prep for days in advance before I can do something like this.  I like to get it done. 

Iced green tea with lime

Lately I’ve been loving iced green tea with lime.  I got the idea from my friends at work who have been drinking iced green tea with lemon.  It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone… the great anti-oxidants in green tea with your water intake. 

My favourite summertime drink

My son photobombing my pic!  Try your favourite green tea with some filtered water ice and slices of lime.  It’s so refreshing on a hot day!

My cleanse routine

  1. eliminate all added sugar (in every form)
  2. no dairy
  3. no eggs
  4. no wheat
  5. no processed foods
  6. no meat of any kind
  7. no alcohol

What I eat on my cleanse

  1. vegetables of all kinds
  2. fruit that are in season
  3. oats steel-cut
  4. seeds and nuts
  5. green tea
  6. lots of water

This is my own personal plan and it works great for me.  I usually shed a few unwanted pounds, my gastrointestinal tract starts working really well :) and I lose the craving for sugar.  Basically I’m a vegan for the duration of the cleanse and many times I don’t even eat rice or quinoa during the cleanse.  My goal is to load up on healthy fruits and vegetables during this time.  I have to admit I don’t stop drinking coffee.  When I do a serious cleanse I do eliminate all caffeine and then I sometimes don’t start drinking coffee again for a while.  Eventually I always do.  I love the smell of coffee, but, I also don’t drink huge quantities of it.  I love my cup of coffee in the morning and I love it in the evening on my night shift. 

So, that’s my cleanse in a nutshell!  My five-day cleanse may turn into a three-day cleanse, because, as I’m writing this my husband is making plans for us to go on a bike trip to the interior for an over-nighter.  We don’t get many weekends off together since we both work shift work now, so, we have to make the best of the last bit of summer.  But that’s life.  I’ll continue my cleanse as long as I am able to and if it ends up being three days instead of five, so be it.  At least that’s better than not doing it at all.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. 

Talk to you soon,


 Foods to eat on a cleanse


Mineral sunscreen or chemical?

I’ve been having angst  about sunscreen lately!  Mineral sunscreen or chemical sunscreen?  Zinc or titanium?  To put some on or not?  Those are my questions. 

Actually I’m pretty good about putting sunscreen on everyday and my daytime moisturizer is usually a combo of a light moisturizer and a sunscreen with a 15 SPF at least.  Sometimes I don’t put any on when I leave for work before seven in the morning and I don’t get off work until twelve hours later.  There is little chance of me seeing sunlight let alone getting fresh air!  It’s basically fluorescent lighting for twelve wonderful hours. 

We were just on a road trip with the bike to the US.  The last day was a long ride home on a really hot,  sunny day.  For whatever reason I put on my usual every day sunscreen slash moisturizer from Paula’s Choice, which I love.  I don’t know why I didn’t put on the heavy-duty mineral sunscreen I’d bought for the purpose of this trip knowing we’d have long days in the sun.  It ended up not being too bad.  I didn’t burn… but, I did get more rosy than I intended to especially on my nose. 

As I was doing more research on sunscreen ingredients and checking out the ingredients on my own products I realized my every day sunscreen is actually 30 SPF vs 15 SPF which is what I thought it was.  So, that explains why I didn’t burn on that long ride.  Phew!

Mineral sunscreens

I recently bought the above sunscreens at our local health food store.  Keith has been wearing mineral sunscreen for a few years now and prefers them.  I’ve been using chemical sunscreens either alone or a moisturizer with a chemical sunscreen.  The reason is of course that I have found that with the mineral sunscreens no matter how you rub them in you end up looking like you have a whitish film on your face.  I’d prefer not to have that.  When I was in Africa in 2012 I did use Keith’s mineral sunscreen  (don’t remember which brand it was), but, I was constantly being asked, “what’s the white stuff on your face?”  I’d put it on all over my body and I’d rub it in really well… I thought and then as I was outside it’s as if the product started to resurface on my skin and I’d have white blotches all over.  Keith puts it on and his lips get an orangey tint to them!  It’s weird and I can’t I find an answer to this.  It happens even before he puts any sunscreen product on his lips. 

I wanted to get something we could both use when we travel for convenience sake and these two products caught my eye.  Basically they are both mineral sunscreens and one contains zinc oxide and the other titanium dioxide.  Both claim to dry clear which was the selling point for me!

I like to watch YouTube video’s now… A LOT and I’ve found a few good YouTubers that I subscribe to.  One of the ones I enjoy watching and find pretty informative is Angie from Hot & Flashy.  She did an episode where she showed her morning routine and she applied this mineral foundation that she liked.  It applied really nicely without too much of a whitish cast.  I haven’t found that video again, but, after I watched it I remember doing a search for that particular sunscreen and it wasn’t one that was available locally (as far as I remember), so, I’ve been on a hunt for a good one that works well under makeup or by itself. 

I found some good information on the Environmental Working Group site about sunscreens plus I like the easy to read guide for ingredients that they have.  Based on what I’ve read I have decided to use only mineral sunscreens.  I’d like to avoid oxybenzone in chemical sunscreens all-together.   Out of all the chemical sunscreens oxybenzone is thought to disrupt hormones and is the most likely to cause skin irritation.  Avobenzene another chemical ingredient in sunscreens has lower toxicity concerns, but, breaks down in sunlight and needs to have other chemicals with it to stabilize it. One of the chemicals used to stabilize avobenzene is octocrylene which is rated with moderate toxicity concerns.  Check out their guide, because the visual makes it much easier to absorb the information :)

Mineral sunscreens are either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and don’t break down as easily on the skin as chemical ones do.  Then there is talk about nano particles and such.  You can get lost in all the information just like with anything you start to research!

Sunscreens made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide generally score well in EWG’s ratings because:

  • they provide strong sun protection with few health concerns;
  • they don’t break down in the sun;
  • zinc oxide offers good protection from UVA rays – titanium oxide less so, but better than most other active ingredients.

 - from Environmental Working Group Sun Safety

Comparing mineral sunscreen

Here is how the two sunscreens that I purchased look.  The one on the left is the Kiss My Face brand with titanium dioxide 6% and zinc oxide 10%.  The one on the right is the Dermae brand with zinc oxide 16%. 

Comparing different mineral sunscreens

I felt the Dermae brand was slightly drier in consistency to spread on my face.  The slight tint in the Kiss My Face brand made no difference on my skin when applied.  They both left a light sheen to my face, but, once I applied some make-up it was not noticeable at all.  When I used these I didn’t use any moisturizer at all as I have quite an oily t-zone still!  I like them both and will continue to use them.  I don’t think Keith has picked a favourite nor do I think he has noticed any difference.  He still has whitish areas on his face where he has stubble and hasn’t rubbed the product in really well and I don’t think he cares too much:)   He always applies his mineral sunscreen before going out riding,  or when he does yard work in the sun, but, to be honest he doesn’t put them on on a daily basis. 

Mineral sunscreen on my neck

Mineral sunscreen on my neck immediately after applying it on.

 My shiny neck above!

Mineral sunscreen on my neck once absorbed

Mineral sunscreen on my neck once absorbed

Much better once the sunscreen is absorbed!  The one I used above is the Kiss My Face brand. 

I’m sad to say that my current everyday Sunscreen from Paula’s Choice contains oxybenzone (which I want to avoid) along with avobenzone.  But, I did see that they have a couple of options for mineral sunscreen in a tint and a foundation… so, I’m going to try those out.  I’m thinking the tinted mineral SPF would be perfect for every day use. 

What I’ve learned about sun protection:

  • don’t use oxybenzone
  • if using avobenzone  it breaks down when exposed to sunlight so it needs to have a chemical such as octocrylene to stabilize it
  • avoid spray-on sunscreens; I don’t want to inhale any of these ingredients
  • make sure the sunscreen doesn’t contain vitamin A or a derivative of it; vitamin A when exposed to sunlight increases skin cancer risk
  • use protective clothing and covering whenever possible
  • eat lots of fresh, colourful vegetables to provide body with antioxidants that fight free radical damage caused by the sun

There are pros and cons to both mineral and chemical sunscreen options!  The only sure-fire way to decrease sun damage, not to cause negative environmental impact from the ingredients that get into our water systems, not to cause hormone disruptions in our body, and not to cause other damage to ourselves from the ingredients seeping into our body is to stay out of the sun!! 

Since staying out of the sun continuously is not an option for me I’m choosing to use a mineral sunscreen.  What do you prefer to do for sun safety?  There is much to read about this topic on the internet… so, as with anything use caution before making decisions.  But, truly the safest option at least in sun safety is to avoid sun tan’s as much as possible, because, a tan is really sun damage.  As I approach fifty (yikes, hate saying that), I want to prevent any further sun damage.  Thank goodness I wasn’t all that much of a sun worshipper when I was younger!

Talk you soon,




My Weekend and Vegan Iced Vanilla Latte

It was great to have a weekend off!  I don’t always have weekends off and when I do I love it!  But Keith had to work… the whole weekend!  He didn’t just work the weekend he had to double shift, so, he was not around at all.  Still not quite used to this!  He used to be a Monday through Friday kind of guy.  NO LONGER! 

Tomato plant in large barrel

I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Of course.  I really wanted to clean my house, do yard work, and tie up a few loose ends such as make appointments and pay bills :)

I had a look around my yard.  I saw that I have a few tomatoes starting to grow.  Reminder to self… buy epsom salts!  I need the salt to place around the tomato plants!  I did this in my old house when I had a bigger garden and the magnesium in the epsom salts helped my tomatoes get really healthy and no dreaded blight!

Trying to grow kale in my garden

My kale plants aren’t doing much of anything.  The seeds I planted have not sprouted yet and I’m not sure they will. The small plants I bought and planted are just surviving.  Next year I will make this a priority!   Because I hate wasting this prime location!

I did do some weeding, cleaned up the doggy poop, and then I found a huge ant nest!  

Ant hill beside my house

So for the next hour I was consumed by making the best ant killer I could.  Last year we had ants at the front of the house and I made the same concoction of borax, sugar and water.  It really did the trick and that ant problem was solved.  I’m trying it again here.  I poured some of the syrupy mix into yogurt container lids, caps from drink bottles and I soaked some cotton pads in the mix.  I placed all of these in the area with all the ants.  I’ll let you know how it works. 

Mineral sunscreens I'm going to try

I bought some new sunscreen.  Keith has been using a mineral based sunscreen and he prefers this.   I just finished the  La Roche-Posay one which is a chemical based one.  I really liked it, but, I thought I would give the mineral based one a try.  I hope the ones that I bought will work well when we go on our next road trip and keep us from burning, plus I want them to not leave me looking like I have zinc all over my face, and it needs to work under my makeup.  I’ll let you know if either of these are worth repurchasing!

Homemade dairy-free iced vanilla atte

I had a headache that wouldn’t quit on Saturday, so, thinking it was a lack of coffee type of headache (because I barely had a cup in the morning) I made myself a vegan iced vanilla latte.  They are super easy to make and taste great!  Sadly though it didn’t get rid of my headache.  I don’t think it was a dehydration headache either, because, I’ve been drinking copious amounts of water in preparation for doing the Grouse Grind today with my sister again.  With all this warm weather the last thing I want to be is dehydrated prior to the climb.  I need every possible advantage to get myself up those 5 million steps! 

Have a great week and if you get overheated give this vegan iced vanilla latte recipe a try!

Talk to you soon,



Vegan Iced Vanilla Latte
Serves 1
A refreshing iced coffee drink for a hot day with a hint of vanilla.
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  1. 1/2 cup strong coffee (let coffee cool before adding to a glass)
  2. 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  3. 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  4. 1/2 - 1 tsp maple syrup adjust for taste *optional*
  5. ice
  1. Add all ingredients into tall glass filled with ice and stir
  2. Adjust coffee and almond milk quantities to your taste.
  3. Sip and enjoy!
Refreshed and Fit http://refreshedandfit.com/

Road Trip Part Four: Ucluelet

The road trip continues!  

We left Deep Bay; stopped in Courtenay to show Keith where my sister and mom lived; thought about getting me some rain gear, but, didn’t.  The sun kept peeking out through the clouds, so, I felt confidant that I wouldn’t get soaked!  It was probably more like wishful thinking.  And it worked!  I may have gotten a drop or two of rain on me and that’s it even though at times the clouds looked as if they would spill over at any time.

On our way to Ucluelet

The ride to Ucluelet from Courtenay was beautiful.  Once we were off the inland island highway our views were of lush green forests, beautiful mountains, and blue-green rivers and lakes… plus the sound of the rumbling Harley.  By the way, which I might add is a sound I’m glad to have.  I want drivers to hear us coming!  Remember to shoulder check!  Please!

Our patio at Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet

We arrived at Black Rock Ocean Front Resort in Ucluelet and were really happy when we saw the location of the resort.  When you first come up to the resort it appears as if it’s a large luxury condominium nestled in the forest looking over the ocean… beautiful! 

We checked into our room and right away Keith and I knew we wouldn’t be happy.  It was a “trail room view” room which meant we were on the first floor with trees outside our patio.  We could hardly see the ocean!  Plus the room was tiny.  It was very nice and modern with a beautiful kitchenette and fireplace, but, we felt that to spend two days there and not be able to enjoy the ocean would be a big failure!  We asked to upgrade and we were charged fifty dollars for this.  It was well worth it.  There were not many rooms left, but, we ended up getting a suite on the fourth floor with a huge bathroom, a beautiful kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, and the balcony with a view of the ocean that made the extra cost well worth it!

Breakfast a Blue Moon Cafe in Ucluelet

We didn’t spend much time in the kitchen!  I mean we were only there for two nights… I wasn’t planning on doing any cooking.  But, if you were there for an extended time or with kids it was such a clean, modern, perfect fully stocked kitchen that would be a joy to cook in. 

We enjoyed two breakfasts at the Blue Room a West Coast Bistro instead.  They serve breakfast all day long!!  That’s my kind of place!  The prices were affordable and the portions were generous.  They were really good about subbing ingredients also and were able to add veggies instead of meat for me when I requested it.  It’s a small bistro with seating inside and outside on the patio.  The first morning we ate outside and then next indoors.  They always had a lineup to get in and I’m not surprised. 

Wild Pacific Trail sign

Keith and I were given a map at the resort of sites to see in Ucluelet.  We drove to the Wild Pacific Trail to have a look around.  Ucluelet is pretty tiny town, so, getting anywhere was just a few minutes by car or motorcycle. 

The black rocks in Ucluelet

You can see where Black Rock Resort gets its name.



Light House in Ucluelet

Here’s a picture of the very cool, little, lighthouse. 

During our two-day stay… I kept hearing what sounded like a fog horn blowing.   Which I didn’t know that that’s what it was at first… duh!  During our stay it was very misty and foggy in the mornings and by the afternoon it was sunny and warm.  The misty, grey morning’s were very pretty though.  The ocean is very mysterious looking with the fog rolling in especially when you’re all cozy by the fireplace  :)

Float lounge at Black Rock Resort

We had a beautiful dinner at Fetch Restaurant… it was pricey, but, the views were phenomenal and the food and wine was delicious!  No pictures though.  I guess we were too busy talking and enjoying each others company to think about pictures at the time… xoxoxox  The Float Lounge was excellent.  The prices were better and the menu choices were really good.  Same kitchen for both, so, there was no issue with taste and quality. 

When we first got there we wanted a snack, so, we relaxed in the Float Lounge and I had some yummy yam fries and Keith had their version of a  Cobb Salad. 


View of ocean from trail in Ucluelet

The next day we went on a walk along the trail that runs through and around the resort.  Absolutely gorgeous!  The views are incredible!  We both felt like we were lacking in exercise, so, we did the trail at a quick pace. 

Trail along ocean in Ucluelet

You can’t get much better than this!



We had a great time on the trail, we enjoyed the views, and we enjoyed each others company.  It’s so nice to get away!  Even though I love my kids to death I find getting away from the usual grind of work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, then repeat over and over… reinforces that warm and fuzzy feeling for them :)

Long beach in Tofino

We rode out to Tofino the next day.  I haven’t been to Tofino in many years and boy has it grown.  It’s a real little tourist town now with all its cool surf shops.  Plus there was a beach resort after beach resort we passed on our drive to get there.

Enjoying the view in Tofino

We were very lucky when we got to Tofino the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm (not too hot so were dying in all our gear and warm enough that we wanted to find a patio pronto). 

Lunch in Tofino - halibut burger

We found a patio at Jack’s Waterfront Pub and Restaurant where we enjoyed lunch and a cold beer!  I had a halibut burger and I think Keith had a salmon dish.  Mine was absolutely delicious!  Tofino seems more of a happening place, so, if you were into just hanging around and walking around a little town this would be a great place to visit.  Just from our quick visit there seemed to be a lot of shops and restaurants.  I’m happy we stayed in Ucluelet because we were all about going for rides and neither one of us was looking to do any shopping on this trip.  Ucluelet was more relaxing for us.

I’m looking forward to our next road trip which is happening in a week!  This time we are heading over the border into Washington state.  It looks like Keith has planned some very interesting destinations for us!

We came to the end of the trail

Question: Where has your favourite summer time road trip been to?  If you’re a motorcycle rider or passenger like me… what’s been your favourite destination so far?

Take care and talk to you soon,