Makeup YouTube tutorials

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I’ve been learning so much from watching makeup YouTube tutorials! I wish they had these around when I was a teenager or even when I was in my twenty’s. I would have absolutely loved it! Here is a tip I learned just last week that I have to share. Watch this short makeup YouTube tutorial […]


Quinoa Falafel Recipe Review

Refreshed and Fit

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have been interested in trying to make falafels for a while now, especially since I’ve been eating a more vegan diet.  I was buying premade falafels at Costco to take to work for lunches.  I absolutely love them and I could eat so many of them… that’s the problem! […]

Five things I’m loving right now

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I’m surprised how much I’m still learning!  Maybe that’s not the right term, but, it’s more like what I’m discovering lately.  When I was a teenager I used to be in the know about most things (as all teens are).  I was up on fashion because I followed what was in magazines such as Vogue […]

A colonoscopy can save your life!


My husband had a sister that was a few years older than him.  Approximately ten years ago when his sister was in her early forties she was diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread to her liver.  She went through every treatment that was available to her at the time, but, even with her valiant […]

Why I opted not to get a flu shot

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I have been asked on several occasions my thoughts on the flu vaccine, so, here it is. A bit of background information.  I’m a nurse and I work in the emergency department.  I’m striving to live a healthy life.  I’m also making many of my decisions, about my health, based on my current and growing […]